This Project aimed to solve the lighting problems that come with small space living,
LUA solves these problems by providing a light that is always where you need it.
The Process 

With Brand expectations from anony, the design needed to combine functional lighting with attractive decor.
Including these aspects, while also effectively dispersing light using minimal fixtures and keeping the already limited floor space open led to the final design of LUA 
The Portability 

LUA splits into four portable crescents, each with its own light and power source 
Accessory mounts are placed around the home which magnetically attach to the crescents allowing for overhead and wall-mounted ambient light  
The four crescents come together to form one sphere of light.
Mounted on the wall is a silver ring which allows for the sphere to act as a single light source once combined 
The silver ring will also act as a wireless charger for each crescent 
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