Using Automotive clay This design was loosely based on a teardrop with a larger front and a thin long tail.
Focusing on aerodynamics and creating a strong form edges were sharpened ad the form was changed to not be so symmetrical from top to bottom.
The Project began with ideation, exploring different forms that accurately represent Speed and Strength.
Different inspirations were used including birds, marine life, airplanes, and cars
The Process 
Creating the Clay model involved a base of MDF and Insulation foam which the automotive clay is then built upon.
The use of cardstock for contour templates created indented guidelines in the sides of the clay to show the desired surface of the model.
The clay is then shaved down to the contour guidelines to achieve the overall shape of the model.
Finally, the surface is finished to create a smooth beautiful form.

Final Model
With a smooth final finish and some detailing on the front of the form, the final model I successful in portraying speed and strength.
Overall I am happy with this final result, I learned a lot working with automotive clay and am now confident in my ability to create more complex forms with even better final surfacing.  

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